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Bunk Beds for a
Hostel Environment

We are the leading global manufacturer of professional  bunk beds for the Hostel industry. We take great pride in the fact that our bunk beds are giving a great nights rest to customers all over the world.. Why not see what the Sleeptite range can do for your Hostel business. 

Photo courtesy of CLINK Hostels 

Short of some bed numbers?

Jiffybed provides the ideal solution when you need a temporary bed in minutes for a guest. They take up virtually no space when folded but when unfolded provide a comfortable and robust temporary sleeping surface.

When you are hard pressed for extra sleeping accommodation, jiffybed has the answer. Small, quick and easy to deploy, jiffybed provides a simple solution at an affordable price. 

We would like to say a 'BIG' thank you.

We exhibited at two major shows earlier this year, STAY WYSE in Amsterdam and Hostelworld in Dublin. We would like to thank all of our visitors, friends and customers for comming to see us. We love your company and more importantly we value your feedback. We live in an evolving industry with changing industry and consumer demands. Your feedback is important in helping us evolve the next generation of Sleeptite products for the hostel industry. Together we grow stronger. Thank you.      

We are committed to quality

Our commitment to quality is a part of our company ethos and has been a major part of our success as a business.



We've got you covered with our innovative mattress range.


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